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As we reflect on the past year at Berea Baptist Church, we thank the Lord for His guidance, direction, and answer to the prayers of God’s people.  David Doiel will begin his ministry this month as the fourth pastor of Berea.  We welcome Pastor Doiel and his family to Berea!

Let us consider what our responsibility is as it relates to our church and to our new pastor.


I Thessalonians 5:12, 13:

KNOW them which labor among you and are over you – Note that he is one of you and is over you, which makes a difficult and delicate role.  Fellowship and talk with your pastor (shepherd) and appreciate the significance of the office, the work and his family. Try to learn his strengths and weaknesses.
ESTEEM (honor) them – Hold them in high regard and take good care of them on account of their ministry. Note the text says very highly (enthusiastically) for their work’s sake. Be careful of what you say about them and be sure to provide time for their family life. Recognize specific events, achievements and dates.
LOVE them because of their position and work in order to aid and encourage their work.
BE AT PEACE among yourselves.  Read Romans 12:18; 14:19; Hebrews 13:7, 17
REMEMBER them – Don’t forget or take them for granted. Pray regularly and specifically for him.
LISTEN to them – Especially as He preaches the Word.
FOLLOW “whose faith follow (imitate)” – Most of us would rather see the sermon lived instead of just hearing it!
CONSIDER – Think about what he preaches in lip and life and what will be his end (reward) of life.
OBEY – Which also means submit or rank yourself under.  This is because of their spiritual God-given work and rule over you.
REALIZE – They watch for your soul for your good and benefit.

This information is an excerpt from a handout prepared by Dr. Terry A. Price.  A copy of the entire handout is available on the counter in the church lobby.