Berea Christian Academy

BCA LogoThe purpose of a Christian education is to provide a theistic (“God is the measure of all things”) educational environment which seeks the spiritual transformation of each student.  Berea Christian Academy has been established to assist our parents develop their children into Christ-like disciples.


Who will attend?

All students must come from church members that regularly attend Berea Baptist Church.

How does it work?

Our academy uses Bob Jones University Home Satellite instructors and curriculum.  We are seeking to provide a school setting and daily schedule while employing Home Satellite for the students’ instruction.  We have one full-time administrator who will coordinate the students’ daily work.  We use volunteers (parents and members of our church) as classroom assistants and to help with record keeping.  In addition, each student registers with Allendale Academy who will be keeping all permanent school records.

Anyone interested in enrolling their children should contact the church office immediately.  See the “Contact Us” page for phone number and email information.  The Student Enrollment Information package contains application and release forms that are in fill-in-the-blank .pdf form.  Fill them out, then print them out.  The handbook is accessible via the link below.  Enrollment must be completed immediately.

Where will we meet?

Classes are held in the Fellowship Hall.  We have a morning opening exercise (chapel) for all students.  We are using the Family Center for a lunch room and recess.

Other Questions?

Please contact our church office for answers to any other questions.